Reach your business goals by Payvand

Digital Marketing Development

If your business is not supported by smartphones, change your business! Keep your business up to date

Application Development

We ask you yourselves! Would you like to work with your mobile apps or would you like to see websites?

Online Store Development

With the help of your online store you can even make money while you are sleeping!

Website Design and Development

Your website is the most used and most advanced showcase for introducing your business.

SEO and Website Optimization

With the help of our technical knowledge, we increase your site ranking in search engines.

Content Generation and Marketing

We help you always have interesting things to say to your audiences! We are with you…!

Graphic Design and Printing

The more handsome you are, the more attractive you will become! Our designers love your business!

Video Marketing

Each image can represent thousands of words and each video can represent…!? Fill in the blank.

Active and Passive Network

We are proud to have over 30 years experience and are one of the first teams in this field!

Network Support and Security

About 30 years protecting the most sensitive networks in the country is the main reason for our pride!

Voice Over IP(VOIP)

Isn’t it time to put aside the old Santral system and realize the benefits of Voice Over Internet Protocol?

Protection Systems

We don’t provide you with a bodyguard …! We will rid you of the need for bodyguard! Easily!

More than 30 years Payvand with customers!

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